When Lily and Ben opt for a backpacking trip for their honeymoon, they can’t account for all the possible complications. 

With their minds rarely able to consider any subject besides their newlywed sex lives, their libido makes it difficult to hike up to beautiful Lake Ellen. Not to mention the trouble they have with other hikers overhearing them as they share their past sexual exploits. Though some of the dirty looks they receive are encouraging.

But everything becomes more (happily) complicated when they arrive at the lakeside. In addition to the beautiful view, they spot another backpacker who will be camping at the same sites each night. They come upon her, feet in the water, hands playing with herself. Ben and Lily can’t help getting each other off as they watch.

It looks like their honeymoon is going to be a lot more fun than they could have imagined.

Service to the Nation

The Wolf, seductive thief, has her work cut out for her when she takes on Representative Thomas Stride. Before she set her plots over him, Stride was destined to soar in power, even to achieve the Presidency—because he uses his skills for personal aggrandizement, instead of the betterment of his constituents.

Stride also uses his skills for his own sexual satisfaction. This leaves an opening for the Wolf to ruin his career—as a service to the nation—and, of course, to rob him. However, she cannot merely seduce Stride once, she must leave him constantly wanting more, while she infiltrates his home and uncover his secrets, until she can expose him and the dangers his power threatens.

A mysterious individual has hired her to undertake Stride’s fall, but she intends to pay herself, pilfering his art, jewelry, and other riches—not to mention the pure joy of ruining Stride’s career. But just who is the insider who the Wolf convinced to help her infiltrate Stride’s life? And what reward can she expect from that accomplice?

A.S. Peavey

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Uncovered: Mistress

Kelsey never would have imagined her husband would cheat on her. She hadn’t thought Omar was that kind of man. They’d been married happily for years. They were finally ready for a kid—and he was even more interested about having a child than she was.  Kelsey thought she knew Omar. Today proved her wrong.

But a far bigger illusion was shattered today. Kelsey never would have imagined her husband’s affair would turn her on. She certainly never would have imagined that overhearing Omar’s mistress, and then seeing that mistress, would get her excited.

Now Kelsey has a choice—whether to confront her husband or explore her naughty side. Though first she gets to explore her body while listening to her husband and his mistress. 

Night Job

Natasha Devereaux balances two lives.

By day, Natasha is a thirty-something billionaire tech CEO, working to ensure the success of her company, pushing hard for a promising breakthrough.

By night, Natasha takes on the name Olive and works as a call girl in a ritzy brothel.

Natasha works hard to keep her two lives separate. No one inside her company knows about her nighttime activities. Only her madam knows that she’s not just another call girl.

Nonetheless, those two worlds are about to collide. The man paying for her body is smuggling her corporate secrets through the brothel.