A.S. Peavey

Exhibitionists, (Hikers' Honeymoon 2) originally published March 7th, 2016.

Lily and Ben enjoyed their honeymoon hike up to Lake Ellen, filled as it was with innuendo. Even more, they enjoyed finding another backpacker, Kara, alone, pleasuring herself when they arrived at Lake Ellen. They enjoyed pleasuring each other as they watched.

Now, though, they are going to spend five days hiking with Kara after watching her. They tease each other about how beautiful Kara is, how much they’d both like to have her join them in their sleeping bags. However, they also know the innuendo and the tension will be nearly impossible to stand. What will happen when Kara accidentally finds herself looking at their naked forms, as they make love? And where, ultimately, will it lead the three of them?

One thing is for certain. This honeymoon will be a lot more fun than Ben and Lily had planned..

Proposition, (Hikers' Honeymoon 3) originally published March 14th, 2016.

Lily and Ben’s Honeymoon trip through the woods has taken a turn for the strange—and exciting. Her name is Kara. She is the other hiker traveling the same trail with Lily and Ben, set to spend 6 days with the newlyweds. Originally she was supposed to hike that trail with her girlfriend—until her breakup the day before the trip. But after the newlyweds catch Kara pleasuring herself on the 1st day, and Kara spots them in the act on the 2nd day, there’s no chance their relationship will stay platonic. 

Three stops being a crowd and starts being company when Ben and Lily invite Kara to get a good view and watch them make love. Now everyone is fantasizing about turning this into a threesome. But not everyone is ready to make that happen—at least not when their libidos aren’t in overdrive. Kara would never dare impose herself between the romantic couple she’s hiking with. Ben wouldn’t dare suggest anything for fear of his new wife’s reaction. But Lily can’t stop thinking about getting her hands (and the rest of herself) on Kara’s body. Will more exhibitionism be enough to seduce Kara? Or will reality, social niceties, and even other hikers, get in Lily’s way? 

When Lily and Ben opt for a backpacking trip for their honeymoon, they can’t account for all the possible complications. They don’t expect to come across another backpacker, feet in the waters of Lake Ellen, hands playing with herself. Ben and Lily can’t help getting each other off as they watch. It looks like their honeymoon is going to be a lot more fun than they could have imagined.

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Hikers' Honeymoon

Voyeurs, (Hikers' Honeymoon 1) originally published March 1st, 2016.

When Lily and Ben opt for a backpacking trip for their honeymoon, they can’t account for all the possible complications. 

With their minds rarely able to consider any subject besides their newlywed sex lives, their libido makes it difficult to hike up to beautiful Lake Ellen. Not to mention the trouble they have with other hikers overhearing them as they share their past sexual exploits. Though some of the dirty looks they receive are encouraging.

But everything becomes more (happily) complicated when they arrive at the lakeside. In addition to the beautiful view, they spot another backpacker who will be camping at the same sites each night. They come upon her, feet in the water, hands playing with herself. Ben and Lily can’t help getting each other off as they watch.

It looks like their honeymoon is going to be a lot more fun than they could have imagined.

Three's Company, (Hikers' Honeymoon 6) originally published April 5th, 2016.

Lily’s life as a newlywed, enjoying a honeymoon backpacking trip with her husband, has been nothing like she had expected. Everything changed when she and her new husband Ben first spotted Kara, half naked, enjoying herself on a rock. Quickly, Lily befriended Kara, and within days, they became lovers while her husband looked on.

Now, the backpacking trip is winding down; all three will have to return to their normal lives. But Lily isn’t ready for this to finish. She isn’t just greedy for more time with Kara. She also wants to stop hogging the other woman and give her husband a chance with her.

But will her two companions be ready to complete the menage? And will they even have time? The closer they return to the trailhead, the more people they encounter, reducing the opportunities they have for lovemaking.

Will Lily find a chance to bring her two lovers together? Or will she be able to make time?

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Recrimination, (Hikers' Honeymoon 5) originally published March 29th, 2016.

Ben and Lily’s honeymoon hiking trip has opened up their relationship more than they could have imagined. While Ben watched, Lily slept with Kara, their hiking companion. This came after days where the newlyweds watched the other woman and vice versa.

But Lily hurried into her tryst with hormones rushing through her mind. And yes, hormones drove all three of them, but it was her choice, her decision to proposition Kara. Now she feels guilty—she’s broken her brand new wedding vows.

Though, when she realizes that Ben does not care—that he enjoyed watching her flirt with infidelity—she realizes that all Ben is getting in return is a view. That’s hardly fair.

Add to that, Kara, feeling intimate with the couple, now has a few ideas about how to spice up their love lives—along with her own. The three hikers will have a lot to work out—and in—during the rest of their trip through the mountains.

Jealousy, (Hikers' Honeymoon 4) originally published March 22nd, 2016.

When Lily and Ben planned their Honeymoon Hiking trip, they imagined the adventures they would enjoy in their sleeping bags would be confined to each other. Fortune had other ideas, putting them in place to watch Kara, another hiker, and then offering Kara a place to watch them. But now Lily is jealous of Kara, though she has no right. She has her husband to share a sleeping bag with. She can’t begrudge Kara the opportunity to sleep with another hiker when one arrives at the same campsite. 

But Lily had planned to seduce Kara. She wants to bed the other women—while her husband watches. The mix of exhibitionism and voyeurism, and just plain dirty talk, has Lily craving more than what her husband—or any man—can provide. Kara shares those inclinations, but hadn’t realized that Lily was interested in intercourse outside her marriage. In fact, she might not have slept with that other man if she hadn’t grown excited constantly watching Ben and Lily. Once Kara uncovers Lily’s desire, they just have to overcome Lily’s jealousy—and try to instill a little jealousy in Ben.  

Hikers' Honeymoon, (Collected Novel) originally published May 10th, 2016.

It turns out that three’s company for these hikers.

Lily and Ben opted for a honeymoon backpacking trip instead of something more traditional because of their love for nature. They were looking forward to the hiking, to the camping, to the views—and to exploring each other, miles away from the crowds. But when they arrive at their first overnight stop, Lake Ellen, they spot another backpacker, Kara, pleasuring herself on the shore, unaware of their presence. Soon after, Kara finds herself accidentally watching Lily and Ben making love.

Of course, they all fantasize about going beyond voyeurism and exhibitionism. The innuendo and tension will be nigh-on-impossible to stand. But none of them could predict just how close their trio would grow over the course of the next week, with no one but each other for miles around.