Uncovered, originally serialized in six parts plus one bonus short story, published February 22nd, 2016.

Kelsey never would have imagined her husband would cheat on her. She hadn’t thought Omar was that kind of man. They’d been married happily for years. They were finally ready for a kid—and he was even more excited about having a child than she was.  Kelsey thought she knew Omar. Today proved her wrong.

But a far bigger illusion was shattered today. Kelsey never would have imagined her husband’s affair would turn her on. She certainly never would have imagined that overhearing Omar’s mistress, and then seeing that mistress, would get her excited, would make her want to be a voyeur, exploring her body while listening to her husband and his mistress.

But Kelsey does not confront Omar, even to ask him to continue his affair in front of her eyes. She knows she needs to talk to him, but her mind is driven by so many other temptations. She wants to have her own affair, to sleep with men who aren’t her husband. She begins on a long and dangerous journey to bring herself sensual pleasure, to explore her desires. 

Work and Play, originally serialized in seven parts published June 26th, 2016.

By day, Natasha is a thirty-something billionaire tech CEO, working to ensure the success of her company, pushing hard to develop a promising breakthrough. By night, Natasha takes on the name Olive and works as a call girl in a ritzy brothel.

Natasha keeps those two lives carefully divided, the full nature of her dual existence known only to one person. But after satisfying her latest client, Natasha discovers that he is also conducting espionage against her company. She is nearly caught with her client’s property, and has to please him one more time  to hide her discovery.

With her two worlds suddenly approaching, Natasha will have to bring them frighteningly close to full collision in order to uncover the full extent of the espionage and put an end to it. Natasha will use her body, through her position as a call girl, to seduce men linked to the corporate espionage and uncover their secrets.

As these secrets unfold, they will threaten the ruin of both of her lives, as her night job comes close to exposure while she takes every possible step to protect her day job.


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A.S. Peavey

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Hikers' Honeymoon, originally serialized in six parts plus one bonus short story published May 10th, 2016.

It turns out that three’s company for these hikers.

Lily and Ben opted for a honeymoon backpacking trip instead of something more traditional because of their love for nature. They were looking forward to the hiking, to the camping, to the views—and to exploring each other, miles away from the crowds. But when they arrive at their first overnight stop, Lake Ellen, they spot another backpacker, Kara, pleasuring herself on the shore, unaware of their presence. Soon after, Kara finds herself accidentally watching Lily and Ben making love.

Of course, they all fantasize about going beyond voyeurism and exhibitionism. The innuendo and tension will be nigh-on-impossible to stand. But none of them could predict just how close their trio would grow over the course of the next week, with no one but each other for miles around.

The Wolf, Seductive Burglar, (A Novel of the Wolf) originally published April 13th, 2016.

There is one thief whose moniker haunts the halls of detective agencies: the Wolf. How she manages to sneak in without being caught, and exit with riches, paintings, and so much more—while leaving no traces—baffles investigators No one even knows what she looks like. Until Detective Fowler received a tip. Now, Fowler is going undercover to trick the Wolf into revealing tales of her exploits. He will seduce her, until, in the throes of passion, she trusts him with her dirty secrets, and tells all.

But this is a dangerous game. The Wolf was named for her cunning. She too knows the power of sex—as her stories of past burglaries quickly reveal. If he is not careful, Fowler may be the one caught out. He will have to keep his mind clear, even as both her body and  her tales of seducing the rich and powerful, of making love to men and women—sometimes both at once—employ his libido to distract him. If he doesn’t catch her now, she will disappear into the wind.