A.S. Peavey

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It’s time to tell the full story of Mata Hari.
It’s time to learn what goes on behind Mata Hari’s bedroom door.

The Great War destroyed Mata Hari’s career as a dancer and limits her life as a courtesan, but it offered a new career: as a spy sleeping with enemy officers.

Halfway through the war, Mata Hari has just become a French spy. She took the job only at the urging of her German spymaster who is using her against her new French spymaster, Ladoux, seducing him so the Germans can gain dirt to force Ladoux to act against his country.

Once the games finish (for now) Mata Hari will finally be able to visit her new fiancé, Captain Vladimir Maslov who has been injured at the front.

But just what will she find when she arrives in the spa town where her fiancé is recovering? Military censors have prevented Mata Hari from learning of his condition. Will he still be the randy younger man she remembers him to be? Or will he be on death’s door? And how can she reveal her role in the war, and thus her possible role in his injuries?

Sultry Healing is part 3 of The Seductions of Mata Hari

Warning: contains explicit descriptions of adult behavior.