The Wolf, Seductive Burglar

Little Death, originally published March 3rd, 2016.

The Wolf’s latest heist was supposed to be normal, verging on boring (except, of course, for her intimate relations with her target, James). But then she finds James murdered, and the art and other riches she had intended to steal removed by some other robber. Soon, the Wolf must avoid police suspicions after being found with the body. But the Wolf will not settle for escaping. She vows to solve the mystery that the local police seem incapable of tackling. Not for James—as fun as he was in bed, he was a bad man. No, she wants to get to the of bottom of this mystery because someone scooped a haul out from under her and, in the process, put her in danger. Her investigation will cover whatever ground necessary. She will sleep with whoever she needs to in order to uncover the thief and murderer. That will include members of the police, and maybe even the murderer as well, in order to live up to her reputation as the world’s most famous burglar.

Behind the Vault Door, originally published March 9th, 2016.

The Wolf has a perfect plan to rob six million dollars from a bank without anyone noticing (and to enjoy sleeping with the bank manager, Daiki, while she does it). Everything is going according to plan until, Daiki is called away from a lazy morning, lying naked in bed with her, to deal with an armed robbery. 

Someone else has decided to go after that money, and in the most flashy fashion possible, threatening to ruin her carefully planned heist. They drive off with the police in hot pursuit, and even drive off a bridge while somehow managing to keep their haul intact. And if that isn’t bad enough, one of those armed robbers shows up at her door. All she has to protect her are her wits, and a thin silk robe that barely covers her flesh. Can she escape alive—much less with the cash? 

Apprentice, originally published February 24th, 2016.

This is the story of the path that led one woman to be the most famous—and seductive—cat burglar in the world. 

Nicole and Haley have been attracted to each other for years, but they were separated by their status, poor and rich; unable to act. They finally consummate their lustful crushes—and Haley sleeps with another woman for the first time—after Nicole admits her desires. But Nicole only confesses her crush to keep Haley from realizing she was trying burglarizing Haley’s home. Two days later, Haley visits Nicole. They make passionate, desperate, love again. And then Haley discovers the property Nicole has stolen from her house. But Haley doesn’t want her new lover to end up in jail. Rather than call the cops, Haley insists Nicole take her on as an apprentice, to teach her to steal—and to pleasure a woman, even to combine the two skills. They begin a sexual crime spree, set to spread across their hometown. 

The Wolf Escapes, originally published January 25th, 2016.

Charlotte would like to just be a normal woman, overlooked by the authorities, making the most out of her life, roaming across the world as she pleases. She visits a city custom built for idle billionaires to avoid crime, seeking both profit and pleasure among their ranks. But when she crosses paths with the Wolf, the world’s most famous burglar, when her lover is arrested as that burglar in the middle of their intercourse, she sets out to find the truth about the thefts plaguing the city. 

Charlotte believes the authorities have the wrong man. Her lover can’t be the Wolf, but the Captain of the Watch is too blind to see the truth. So Charlotte will seduce him to find out the truth, and enter whatever beds necessary to achieve her goals. Can Charlotte solve the mystery and uncover the true Wolf before he flees with all his stolen goods? Can she save her lover, the city, all the while protecting her own secrets? 

Art Lovers, originally published February 16th, 2016.

The Wolf, seductive burglar, has been hired to steal a centuries-old painting with a contested history. The rightful owners haven’t been able to win it back through the courts, so they hire the world’s most famous burglar to take it back. 

But Botticelli’s Risen Minerva hangs under heavy security at a major gallery. The guards would never close their eyes and let the Wolf take the work, even if she tried seducing them. But to keep the job exciting, she brings along an accomplice. 

The Wolf and Rico set off their heist by making love surrounded by art, under the watchful eye of the security cameras. Their sex, however, is just a distraction from the real caper, a means to ensure the guards won’t suspect them until it’s too late. 

A.S. Peavey

The Wolf is the world's most successful, even most famous, thief--though no one even suspects her real identity. She uses her powers of seduction to infiltrate her targets and leave with huge scores, often while leaving her victims (and their libidos)  satisfied.

The saga of the Wolf continues with The Wolf in the Sheep's Den

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Love and Theft, originally published March 17th, 2016.

The Wolf though she could take a break from the world of burglary. When she goes to her Villa in the Italian Alps, she arranges to have one of her married neighbors waiting naked in her bed.

But her vacation is interrupted when that neighbor receives a call: her home has been burglarized while she slept with the Wolf. It becomes clear the police won’t find the true thief—they focus their investigation on the victim’s husband. Being an expert on burglary, the Wolf launches her own investigation.

But the Wolf has more to solve than a simple mystery. She must heal her neighbors’ marriage—even though she enjoys sleeping with both, and looks forward to more such fun in the future. Unfortunately, the burglary has enlarged the existing strain on her neighbors’ marriage. Only the Wolf can solve both problems in one swoop.

Service to the Nation, originally published February 8th, 2016.

The Wolf, seductive thief, has her work cut out for her when she takes on Representative Thomas Stride. Before she set her plots over him, Stride was destined to soar in power, even to achieve the Presidency—because he uses his skills for personal aggrandizement, instead of the betterment of his constituents. Stride also uses his skills for his own sexual satisfaction. This leaves an opening for the Wolf to ruin his career—as a service to the nation—and, of course, to rob him. However, she cannot merely seduce Stride once, she must leave him constantly wanting more, while she infiltrates his home and uncover his secrets, until she can expose him and the dangers his power threatens. A mysterious individual has hired her to undertake Stride’s fall, but she intends to pay herself, pilfering his art, jewelry, and other riches—not to mention the pure joy of ruining Stride’s career. But just who is the insider who the Wolf convinced to help her infiltrate Stride’s life? And what reward can she expect from that accomplice?

The Wolf, Seductive Burglar, originally published April 13th, 2016.

There is one thief whose moniker haunts the halls of detective agencies: the Wolf. How she manages to sneak in without being caught, and exit with riches, paintings, and so much more—while leaving no traces—baffles investigators No one even knows what she looks like. Until Detective Fowler received a tip. Now, Fowler is going undercover to trick the Wolf into revealing tales of her exploits. He will seduce her, until, in the throes of passion, she trusts him with her dirty secrets, and tells all.

But this is a dangerous game. The Wolf was named for her cunning. She too knows the power of sex—as her stories of past burglaries quickly reveal. If he is not careful, Fowler may be the one caught out. He will have to keep his mind clear, even as both her body and  her tales of seducing the rich and powerful, of making love to men and women—sometimes both at once—employ his libido to distract him. If he doesn’t catch her now, she will disappear into the wind.

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