The Wolf in the Sheep's Den

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The Wolf's latest partner, Karli, neither a normal sexual partner nor a normal victim for the Wolf. Something is off. And in the end, one little theft will embroil the Wolf in the fight for her life. Other forces are using Karli to gain retribution against the Wolf. To survive, and win back her life, the Wolf will have to seduce and seek help from the people who should be her worst enemies.

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Fun in the Den, (The Wolf in the Sheep's Den 3) originally published June 22nd, 2016.

Evie has a rude awakening in store when she  a cough interrupts her sleep while naked in bed. It isn’t the woman she slept with last night, Lydia Dawes, trying to wake her up. It is Dawes’ husband, Thomas Fowler.

That wouldn’t be so bad—Evie has slept with Fowler separately in the past—but Evie isn’t her true identity. She is an infamous burglar, the Wolf, who uses seduction to gain the trust of her victims before stealing their art and other riches.

To make matters worse, Dawes and Fowler are some of the best detectives around. Now, Evie knew that when she seduced Dawes. She’s currently a suspect in a murder case, for the death of the last woman she had intended to rob—though this time she’s innocent. She wants to use the detectives to find the real criminal, who is trying to discredit and destroy her.

Evie just wants to sleep with Dawes and Fowler at the same time, but that’s not going to work, at least not immediately. She needs to earn their trust (outside of bed), to convince them to help her tackle bigger enemies.

A.S. Peavey

Earning Her Keep, (The Wolf in the Sheep's Den 4) originally published June 29th, 2016.

Evie, aka the seductive burglar known as the Wolf, is on the run. Some enemy uncovered her identity and killed her lover (and would be art-theft victim) Karli. Her adversary’s agents have chased her halfway across Europe—into the helpful arms of two detectives.

The Wolf sought out Dawes and Fowler, hoping they would aid her in finding her enemy—and sleep with her at every turn. They only do the first grudgingly; the second eludes her so far, although they had both slept with her before. There are hints she might have a chance with Lydia Dawes. But her head, and their concentration, needs to be on uncovering the true enemy.

While Dawes and Fowler work, the Wolf is locked up in their building; not supposed to leave, or they’ll cut off their aid. When she does leave—if to investigate someone staking out Dawes and Fowler’s apartment—Dawes and Fowler force her to stay constantly in their sight.

It’s a good thing she has to stay close to Dawes—because now the Wolf is with her when another assassin arrives. She just saves Dawes’ life.

And for her reward? It looks like Fowler will end that boycott on sex.

Detective, Seduced, (The Wolf in the Sheep's Den 2) originally published June 15th, 2016.

Mina was looking forward to a pleasant affair with a rich Austrian woman, Karli—with the affair crowned by the theft of Karli’s naughty art as much as by sex (Mina is a false identity of the burglar known as the Wolf, who uses sex and seduction to help her pull off her heists). But that affair ended prematurely with an assassin intruding upon their lovemaking. Mina barely escaped with her own life.

Now she’s on the run. The police suspect her of killing Karli. Additionally, Mina has to worry about whoever sent the assassin after her and now wants to ruin her life.

But the Wolf has a plan to track down the man who wants her dead. And fortunately, it involves plenty of sex. That seems the best way to gain the help of two of the best private detectives she ever encountered. Since only one, Thomas Fowler, would recognize her, the Wolf can seduce his wife, Lydia Dawes and use their affair to gain access to their files

And, really, just as much as information, the Wolf needs a little naughty intimacy to help her reset her mind and put her in a mindset where she can regain control of her life. Lydia Dawes is a much better woman to sleep with than anyone she meets in a hotel while trying to hide—like the Wolf, detectives Dawes and Fowler use sex and seduction in their detective work.

Old Lovers, (The Wolf in the Sheep's Den 5) originally published July 6th, 2016.

After surviving two assassination attempts unscathed (her lovers were not so lucky—one, Dawes, was injured, and a second, Karli, died) things are finally looking up for Evie, a.k.a. the seductive Burglar known as the Wolf. A lead has taken her and Fowler—Dawes’ husband and private eye partner—to New York City where they can conduct their investigation (and have sex) from a base of operations in one of the Wolf’s many homes.

But an even stronger lead turns up with Dawes. Fowler and the Wolf are ready to celebrate her recovery, but Dawes reveals that she has been visited by a woman. It turns out that this mystery woman is both another former lover of the Wolf and also is married to the Wolf’s adversary.

Of course, to be certain, and find out all the details they need to tackle the Wolf’s enemy, the Wolf needs to speak with Nancy face to face. And to be certain that no details are left out, and to ensure that Nancy doesn’t tell her husband about the visit, the Wolf is going to have to make love to her—a real hardship.

Seducing the Enemy, (The Wolf in the Sheep's Den 6) originally published July 13th, 2016.

Evie is finally enjoying her work again. Evie—aka the seductive burglar known as the Wolf—still has to take down the man trying to frame her, the man attacking her lovers to get to her, but she just enjoyed sleeping with her adversary's wife. Of course, events can never be that simple, and that's when another assassin strikes, in the middle of New York City.

And even if she can get through this assassin, she still has to infiltrate her adversary's home, unlock his safe, and steal his secrets. A task all the more difficult because her adversary knows Evie intimately, just as Evie knows his wife intimately. If she has no other options, she will make whatever sacrifices are necessary to put her adversary down.

Fortunately, the Wolf's allies, a pair  of detectives who also know the power of sex in their line of work, aren't so well known. So Dawes will infiltrate their adversary's—seducing him—and then grab all the data that will reveal his criminal intentions. With luck, a little training on the other side of the law, and Dawes can get in and out without being noticed.

Of course, their adversary isn't going to go down with a fight. He has a surprise waiting for them when they return jubilant from their heist.

Caught by a Thief, (The Wolf in the Sheep's Den 7) originally published July 20th, 2016.

Evie has tracked down the man who has been trying to have her assassinated, trying to ruin her life—as payback for when she exposed his secrets and ended his career. Well, as payback when she seduced him so she could rob him while exposing his secrets; after all, Evie is really the seductive burglar known as the Wolf.

It should be time to relax and hand over evidence to the police so they can make an arrest. It should be time to explore the bodies of her allies, making love to them.

But something doesn’t sit right with Evie. She knows her enemy. She’s slept with him. She’s ruined him. He shouldn’t be capable of causing all the mayhem Evie has had to deal with.

What if her real enemy is someone she assumed was an ally? Someone who seduced her, instead of vice versa, to gain her trust while furthering her own ends?

Illicit Art, (The Wolf in the Sheep's Den 1) originally published June 9th, 2016.

There are many things that Mina enjoys about Karli. There is her beautiful home in the German Alps, there is her seductive, filthy, and naughty art collection. Though of course her body ranks even higher. The art collection just encourages Mina and Karli to play with each other. The isolated Alpine home lets them get up to their naughtiness outside.

But none of those attracted Mina purely for their value to titillate. She isn’t there just to enjoy Karli’s body. Mina is the current pseudonym for an international burglar known as the Wolf, who uses her seductive powers to facilitate her thefts. She has been drawn to steal Karli’s art collection for its value, and because Karli isn’t the innocent woman she projects—the Wolf likes to steal from naughty men and women.

Karli, however, is neither a normal sexual partner nor a normal victim for the Wolf. Something is off. And in the end, one little theft will embroil the Wolf in the fight for her life. Other forces are using Karli to gain retribution against the Wolf. To survive, and win back her life, the Wolf will have to seduce and seek help from the people who should be her worst enemies